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Camille Winn

Camille was the president of Kinnect 2021 and she is a Dance BA major from Chandler, AZ! Her favorite style of dance to experiment with and improve at is contemporary. Camille puts her heart and soul into this program and loves Kinnect because of how collaborative and interactive it is. She enjoys teaching and dancing because she loves the art of creation and the freedom that it brings. 

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Kaitlin Adams

Kaitlin Adams, from Salem, Utah, has always loved dance and started dancing when she was just two and a half years old! After being in the BYU Creative Children’s Dance program, studio dancing, and doing Drill Team and Dance Company in High School, she began studying Contemporary Dance at BYU! Kaitlyn is so grateful for the “Kinnection” the team has made during our time together.

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Hali Boss

Hali Boss is a Dance Education Major and has one year left till graduation! She grew up and trained at local studios in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has loved the opportunity to be able to be apart of Kinnect this year because of all the amazing people she has met and come to love and because of the amazing opportunities our director has given us this year. 

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Tessa Stokes

Tessa is a Dance BFA major from Hilllsboro, OR. She’s done all kinds of dance from the time she was 8, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Ballroom and even Scottish! She brings so much energy to the team and loves choreographing with them! Tessa has enjoyed learning more about film dance this year and is grateful for the many opportunities Kinnect has given her this year. 

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Jade Madison

Jade Madison is a Dance BFA major from Mobile, Alabama. She has been dancing ever since she was 2 at a little studio in Pascagoula, MS where her mom taught dance. Growing up, Jade studied various styles, and recently added clogging to her list. She loves dancing because it is not only a physical challenge but a way for the audience and performers to escape the mundane nature of life. Jade says this semester has been one of the best learning experiences she has ever had! Kinnect for life!

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 538.jpg

Morgan Wadsworth

Morgan is an Elementary Education major from Seattle, Washington. She began ballet at the age of 3 and has enjoyed various styles of dance ever since. After doing Drill Team in High School for four years, Morgan decided to continue her passion for dance by joining Kinnect! She has loved the amazing friends she's met and the awesome experiences she's had this semester. 

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Samantha Proffit

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 635.jpg

Cleo Ong

Cleo is from Singapore and started Contemporary Chinese Dance at the age of 13. After learning many other styles at LASALLE College of the Arts and after serving a mission in NYC, she decided to pursue a Dance Education major and Nutritional Science minor here at BYU. Cleo loves Kinnect because she loves meeting new people and learning new styles of dance while also expressing herself creatively. 

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 224.jpg

Athena Davis

Athena is from Las Vegas, Nevada and grew up dancing at her local studio! After attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas for 2 years, she came here to BYU to study contemporary dance! This is her second year on Kinnect, and is thrilled to be the Dance Major Student Representative President next year! Athena has loved the various opportunities Kinnect has given her to teach and perform for children.

Sam has a big passion for both contemporary dance and latin dance! She is an avid adventurer and a thoughtful listener. Everday she is discovering new ways of seeing the world. In the future she wants to become certified in dance therapy to help others heal and grow through movement. 

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 168.jpg

Naomi Penrod

Naomi has been dancing since she was 2 years old at a small company in St augustine Florida. She has always loved performing and making people forget their worries and enjoy the show. Naomi taught at her old studio and just simply loves it! She believes she was born to be a dance teacher.

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 634.jpg

Savannah Brown

Savannah is a Dance BA at Brigham Young University and is from St. George, Ut. She has been dancing since she was three and loves performing. In addition to dance she also enjoys singing and acting! She finds joy in teaching others and bringing the beauty of dance to them.

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 086.jpg

Solana Armatage

From Glendale, Arizona, Solana Armatage is a Dance BA with a minor in Media Arts. Specializing in the world dance and contemporary dance styles, she is so grateful to be apart of the creative process of Kinnect. Solana loves working with film and even enjoys the long film days because of how they strengthen her friendships with her team. 

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Thomas Jenson

Thomas from Pennysylvania is studying Music Dance Theatre. Since he has been at BYU, he has discovered his love of contemporary dance, especially its expressiveness and creativity. Kinnect has helped him cultivate that passion by sharing it with other people through education and performance.

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 266.jpg

Tori Williams

Tori is a Dance BA Major and a Business Minor from Orange County, California. She grew up loving both ballet and contemporary dance styles. She has always wanted to perform and teach dance so when she heard about Kinnect and it’s mission, she was thrilled to be a part of the team! She has been on Kinnect twice and has loved the new platform of dance films and online teaching. Kinnect will always be one of her favorite life experiences!

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Miranda Tan

Miranda Tan started dancing at the age of 5, and trained with San Francisco Ballet before transitioning her focus to Contemporary dance and Ballroom. In addition to dancing, she loves playing the piano and composing music for dance teams. Kinnect has been able to help her find the bridge between dance and music, and help the kids she teaches find those connections for themselves.

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 043.jpg

Spencer Waddell

A BFA in Dance, Spencer is from Oregon City, Oregon. He started dancing at age 13 and has danced several different styles, including ballroom, ballet, contemporary, and folk. Kinnect has allowed him to do dance film and discover the joys of teaching dance in elementary schools. 

2103-15 Kinnect Dance Shoot 587.jpg

Mikenzie Moon

Mikenzie is currently attending Brigham Young University studying Dance Education. Some of her favorite dance opportunities include performing in the Book of Mormon Videos and dancing in Alex Boyé's recent music video. Mikenzie attended Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas Texas and Prodigy Dance Centre in Frisco Texas. There she learned from renowned teachers and choreographers and performed in competitions and festivals across the country. Her senior year she began teaching at Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre and sparked her passion for educating children. Mikenzie loved dancing on Kinnect this past spring, especially the opportunity to teach in schools. Recently, Mikenzie performed in Footloose at Sundance Mountain Resort, and currently is dancing in BYU’s production of Fiddler On The Roof. 

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